Citrin is a interactive scientific graphing and curve fitting, providing:Commonly used charts, such as scatter & line series, bar, column, area, 3-D (column, pyramid, prism, area and band), ternary scatter, pie, polar, box & whisker, histograms, probability charts, etc.Numerous customizing tools, full Unicode support, diverse graphic export formats (PDF, PICT vector graphics, and bitmaps such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, SGI, TGA, etc.), and support for drag & dropNative worksheets that can import and store large data sets from diverse data formatsCurve fitting with built-in functions, as well as a module for user-defined, non-linear curve fitting with an interactive graphical interfaceFlexible capabilities for applying error bars.

Published By:Gigawiz Ltd.

License Type:Demo

Date Added:18 May, 2011




Platform: Macintosh

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