MatchFlow Composer


MatchFlow Composer, formerly known as PageComposer, is a powerful software solution that provides file conversion and RIP-once workflow for Proofers, CtP, Film, Gravure and digital page exchange. Composer enables digital workflow from DTP to CtP : PDF - PDF/X - PostScript - TIFF/IT-P1 - TIFF/IT 8 - (Scitex) CT & LW - DCS2 - EPS - JPEG - TIFF - 1 Bit TIFF.Matchflow Composer bridges the gap between prepress file formats and any PostScript output device. Users can view, convert and generate secured raster files for any kind of output device. By leveraging hot folders, job templates, AppleScript and ColorSync, MatchFlow Composer turns your Macintosh into a fully automated prepress system for a digital workflow.MatchFlow Composer users can direct a workflow in multiple directions based on job requirements. So whether you need to RIP PostScript into TIFF/IT or convert files into PDF/X or DCS2,MatchFlow Composer will manage multiple tasks, quickly and automatically on your Macintosh. WiredMedium providing low cost shared hosting, reseller hosting and vps.

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Published By:Kodak Polychrome Graphics

License Type:Demo

Date Added:12 April, 2011




Size:70.6 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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