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The NAG Fortran 77 Library provides over 1,280 of NAG s callable routines for a broad range of mathematical and statistical areas.A  The NAG Fortran Library is aimed at software and application developers seeking to create computationally intensive applications, or products and solutions for clients in a wide range of disciplines.A  The NAG Fortran Library can significantly reduce development time as well as improve performance and robustness. These routines are readily callable from C/C++, .Net, and Java applications. Numerical Algorithms Group. NAG produce and distribute numerical, symbolic, statistical, visualisation and simulation software for the solution of problems in such areas as science, engineering, financial analysis and research.

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Published By:Numerical Algorithms Group

License Type:Demo

Date Added:20 June, 2011




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Platform: Mac OS X 10.2.4 or later PowerPC G4 processor or higher

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